Blum TBX S4 TANDEMBOX High fronted drawer, with BOXCAP - Aluminium Grey

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Weight(grams): 10000

Dimension: 10 cm (Length) x 40 cm (Width) x 10 cm (Height)

Blum TBX S4 TANDEMBOX High fronted drawer, with BOXCAP - Aluminium Grey

One system. Countless possibilities.
Our tried and tested metal box system offers a multitude of applications and great scope for design - ranging from standard to individualised solutions. All TANDEMBOX applications are based on the proven TANDEMBOX cabinet profile, giving you a feather-light glide and enhanced opening and closing ease.

One cabinet profile. Countless applications.
Our tried and tested TANDEMBOX cabinet profile delivers top quality motion and enhanced user convenience. The secret lies in its low-friction cylindrical nylon rollers which guarantee a feather-light glide and dynamic carrying capacities of 30 and 65 kg. And thanks to soft-close BLUMOTION, drawers and pull-outs always close softly and effortlessly - a furniture lifetime.

Easy tool-free assembly
We want you to be able to assemble our products quickly and simply, for example, with our tried and tested INSERTA technology for tool-free assembly. Design elements, for example, can be mounted or retrofitted without tools - just like that.

More technical enhancements
TANDEMBOX has proven its worth and offered enhanced user convenience and scope for design for many years. Blum’s latest technical upgrade takes the box system to a whole new level.

Easy opening
Minimal opening forces and an even smoother transition to the feather-light glide ensure that pull-outs and drawers open with ultimate ease.

Quality to the touch
Blum has optimised the drawer side and developed a new front fixing bracket to further increase box stability.

Optimised feather-light glide
Drawer side and cabinet profile components have been further refined to optimise the feather-light glide and deliver even smoother running characteristics.

TANDEMBOX standard drawer combos
For cabinet width of 300 - 1200 mm
Min height : 224mm

Aluminium grey
Silk white (Refer another item)
Terra black (Contact seller)

500 mm

Loading weight
30 kg
65 kg

Tip-On Blumotion
TOB L1 for TBX < 20 kg
TOB L3 for TBX 15 - 40 kg
TOB L5 for TBX 35 - 65 kg

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