Blum 75T1550 BCOR ∡107° Clip top Cabinet Hinges Accessories



SKU: 75T1550 BCOR

Weight(grams): 500

Dimension: 10 cm (Length) x 15 cm (Width) x 5 cm (Height)

Blum 75T1550 BCOR ∡107° Clip top Cabinet Hinges Accessories

For proven function and perfect design.
Throw open the doors for Blum’s proven classic. CLIP top stands for enhanced adjustment and assembly ease, trustworthy function and attractive design. Every door equipped with Blum hinges opens and closes with reliable ease.

Easy and precise three-dimensional door adjustment
Easy, infinitely variable three-dimensional adjustment with spiral screw for depth adjustment. Selected mounting plates have cam height adjustment.

Hinges with BCOR surface protection
Special coating for extra protection
Hinges may be tucked away inside furniture, but they are still subject to external influences. Warm, damp air or vapours from chemical substances (e.g. cleaning agents or assembly aids such as silicon) can damage the surface finish of your fittings. That is why we have developed our own extra layer of protection to enhance the high quality materials we use. The special BCOR finish gives hinges improved surface protection.

Optimised corrosion protection
The new BCOR finish is a galvanic coating which forms a protective shield around the hinge. It ensures that the hinge is better protected against corrosion.

CLIP top Overlay hinge with spring
Door opening angle : ∡107°
Warranty : Lifetime

All hinges are applicable on door fronts with a maximum width of 600 mm

**Please check stock availability before order

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