Insinkerator Evo 100 Food Waste Disposer


Insinkerator Evolution 100 Premium Food Waste Disposal

Say goodbye to rotting food waste and smelly bins
Whether you are clearing away the kids' dinner leftovers or the remnants of your Sunday lunch, make your life easier and reduce the time you spend disposing of your food waste and kitchen scraps with a premium, innovative InSinkErator Evolution 100 waste disposal unit.

Ideal for growing families, cooking enthusiasts and amateur chefs alike, the InSinkErator Evolution 100 food waste disposer quickly and cleanly grinds food waste, including fish and chicken bones, fruit, vegetables and food peels, ensuring there are no unpleasant odours from food scraps lingering in your kitchen bin.

With no knives or blades, the Evolution 100 is safe and hygienic. Powered by a powerful high-torque Dura-Drive induction motor with two-stage MultiGrind technology for a finer grind, the waste disposer is 40% quieter than standard models, ensuring you'll barely notice it in your kitchen.

Fit your Evolution 100 waste disposal unit quickly and easily with our Quick Lock mounting assembly. The unobtrusive, compact unit will fit under most sinks - whether new or existing - with ease. All you need is a power source close to your sink, plus standard plumbing, and you can install your sink waste disposal.

To operate your Evolution 100 waste disposal unit, simply:

- Turn on your cold water tap
- Press the air switch button
- Push any waste food into the plug hole

The resulting food particles are simply flushed away into your drainage system, reducing the amount of food waste that heads to landfill.

The stainless steel sink stopper conceals the waste disposer when it is not in use, whilst also functioning as a standard sink plug, whilst the chrome air switch provides air pressure to activate the disposer.

Quick, clean and convenient, the overload protection feature prevents the waste disposal unit becoming over filled, whilst the auto reverse feature ensures all food scraps are fully ground, ensuring you do not have to worry about blockages. The anti-microbial removable chamber allows for easy cleaning, ensuring no food scraps linger in the disposal chute, whilst the stainless steel grind elements and large 1005 ml grind chamber are exceptionally durable.

While the Evolution 100 can swiftly dispose of most food waste, including banana peel and avocado skin, you should never attempt to dispose of cutlery, fat or glassware, as this can damage the waste disposal.

With no insects, bacteria or unpleasant smells from waste food sitting in your bin, plus less trips to the bin for you, an InSinkErator Evo 100 is a convenient, time saving and environmentally friendly addition to any kitchen.

The 5 year standard warranty ensures you can choose your waste disposal unit with confidence.

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