Blum AVN HK top Aventos Lift Systems

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Weight(grams): 5000

Dimension: 10 cm (Length) x 6 cm (Width) x 20 cm (Height)

Blum AVN HK top Aventos Lift Systems

Beautifully functional
Though small in size, the stay lift inspires with many integrated features. That’s what makes AVENTOS HK top the ideal solution for furniture where every detail counts.

Cabinet dimensions
For cabinet heights of 205 to 600 mm and cabinet widths of up to 1800 mm.

Minimalist design
AVENTOS HK top blends discreetly into tall units and wall cabinets. The stay lift has already won several awards for its minimalist design.

Integrated features
AVENTOS HK top boasts many integrated features (such as a safety mechanism and opening angle stop) which greatly facilitate assembly and installation. What’s more, even large and heavy fronts open and close with ultimate ease.

Compact range
Just 4 types of lift mechanisms are needed to cover all applications. The lift mechanisms and front fixing brackets have been designed for symmetrical use.

Design of fronts
You can implement wooden fronts and wide and narrow aluminium frames, or even use thin fronts of just 8 mm or more with EXPANDO T.

Cover caps
Discreet cover caps come in silk white, light grey and dark grey. The selection of small cover caps can be used to further customise the fittings solution.

Motion technologies
BLUMOTION gives you soft and effortless closing. You can also combine the lift system with the SERVO-DRIVE electrical motion support system - for the entire kitchen or individual applications. And handle-less fronts open with ease with the TIP-ON mechanical system.

AVENTOS HK top, for stay lift fronts
Max Front Panel Size : 1800(L) x 600(H)mm

Power Factor
HK top 25 930 - 2800
HK top 27 1730 - 5200
HK top 29 3200 - 9000

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