Smeg SMIC01 Ice Cream Maker with Accessories




Weight(grams): 5000

Smeg SMIC01 Ice Cream Maker with Accessories

Product Family : Accessories
Type : Ice Cream Maker Accessory
Family group : Stand mixer

Get creative
The perfect accessory for creating indulgent ice creams, refreshing sorbets, or healthy yoghurts.
Creating ice cream at home means that you can get really creative with flavours, producing gourmet ice cream in a convenient way which will taste much better than shop bought. For those counting the calories, fear not, as this way you can control your calorie intake without having to go without.
Need to ditch the dairy? Allergy sufferers can create ice creams without the worry of cross contamination, paying hefty supermarket prices or having flavour restrictions.
This simple and enjoyable way of creating ice cream is fun for all the family and is certain to get the kids involved. By making ice cream at home, you can satisfy the pickiest of eaters whilst avoiding nasty additives found in shop brought ice cream. You can even sneak in some fruit without any complaints!

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