HomePluz DH-700-1W Single Liquid Soap Dispenser



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HomePluz DH-700-1W Single Liquid Soap Dispenser

Wall Mount Slimline Shampoo Soap Dispenser for Small Bathroom
Homepluz slimline wall mount shampoo soap dispenser is suitable for small bathroom. It is ideal for all types of liquid soap including lotion, conditional, gel, etc.
The slimline design can be used at home or any pubic space with shower facility in limited space, such as hotel, motel, yoga center, swimming pool, and fitness club.

This slimline shampoo dispenser is 500ml, there are single, double, triple and 4 chamber models available. The large round pump makes it easy to push for children and elders to use this soap dispenser easily. Plus, the pump can sustain more than 100,000 times pushes and still functions well; this is certified by 3 party lab.

1. Durable material
2. Less material waste and earth friendly
3. SGS approved BPA free
4. Quick installation
5. Easy refill & Easy wash
6. Non-Leaking liquid dispenser
7. Pass 100,000 times cycle test by 3rd party lab

non-leaking pump
1. Liquid draw back after each dispense
2. Non-leaking
3. keep the shower room clean and safe

100,000 Times Use - The ONLY Dispenser approved in the market
1. Pass 100,000 times cycle test
2. Exclusively approved in the market
3. Approved by 3rd party lab

SGS Approved BPA Free Bottle

Homepluz is an ISO 9001 Certified factory and devoted to continuous improvement on our quality control process. We hope to provide best using experience for our users, and make sure every piece of our product deliver to their hands with consistent quality and performance.

We care not only our product quality, but also the environment. We use fine and durable material to make our products for sustainable use, and for reducing plastic waste in the long term.

Above all, we take environment and health issue seriously. We use BPA free bottle for our dispenser to avoid contact with environmental hormone on our body. You can fill our dispenser with your daily use shower gel, shampoo, body lotion that has direct contact with our skin without any health concern, and without any harm to our environment.

Homepluz Shower Dispenser Product Spec
Material: Plastic ABS + PP refillable Insert Bottle
Color Options: White, Gunmetal Gray, Silver, Chrome, Matte Black
Capacity: 500ml (17oz) x 1 Bottles
Each Dispense: 0.9 ml
Item Size: H 320 x W 50 x D 65 mm
Country of Origin: Taiwan

**Please check stock availability before order

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