Blum LBX S4.XL LEGRABOX High fronted drawer - Silk White

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Weight(grams): 10000

Dimension: 15 cm (Length) x 40 cm (Width) x 10 cm (Height)

Blum LBX S4.XL LEGRABOX High fronted drawer - Silk White

Experience Elegance
Is there such thing as the perfect drawer? Free from all that is familiar, focussed on the principles it pursues and yet unprecedented in its level of performance. Linear. Sleek. Slim. That’s LEGRABOX: Experience Elegance. The box system impresses with its clear contours, parallel drawer side design and accent lines as a central design element.

Slimline design
The drawer sides are straight (inside and outside) and impressively slim (just 12.8 mm), blending in beautifully with all items of furniture. The individual components are perfectly coordinated, creating harmonious transitions inside and out.

Inspiring technology
The LEGRABOX cabinet profile is a new runner system that has been developed to combine sleek design with outstanding running characteristics. The quality of motion can be felt from the moment you open the drawer.

Full load bearing capacity
LEGRABOX performs outstandingly even when fully extended and heavily laden. Even very wide and heavy pull-outs have a smooth running action thanks to high dynamic carrying capacities of 40 and 70 kg.

Stability for high fronts
High fronts are becoming increasingly popular as a design element. LEGRABOX meets this trend with a new type of front fixing bracket that guarantees maximum stability when opening and closing drawers and pull-outs.

LEGRABOX standard drawer
For cabinet width of 330 - 1200 mm
Min height : 257mm

Orion grey (Refer another item)
Silk white

500 mm

Loading weight
40 kg
70 kg

Tip-On Blumotion
TOB L1 for LBX < 20 kg
TOB L3 for LBX 15 - 40 kg
TOB L5 for LBX 35 - 70 kg

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