HOUM - GE150/GE250 GE Series Window Mounted Ventilation Fan

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HOUM - GE150 / GE250 Fan Ventilator

The H├ľUM Series Ventilator Fans come in three different types, the GE Series, DE Series, and SV Series; each bringing their own unique usage that caters to different spaces and applications.

The GE Series Glass Mounted Ventilation Fan is best suited for washrooms.

- High Performance Copper Winding Motor
Features strong dynamic stability and thermal stability that leads to longer product lifespan.

- Strong Anti Short-CIrcuit Ability
High conductivity copper is structurally harder in high temperature ensuring product safety.

- Flexi Back Shutter
Cord operated back shutter for flexible operation.

- Glass Mounted
Suitable for bathrooms & toilets.

- Energy Saving
High performance motor ensures low electrical consumptions.

- 2-Year Warranty
Refer to our warranty terms and conditions for more information.

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