Homepluz DH-800-2W Duo Chamber Liquid Soap Dispenser



SKU: DH-800-2W

Weight(grams): 1000

Dimension: 18 cm (Length) x 30 cm (Width) x 12 cm (Height)

Homepluz DH-800-2W Duo Chamber Liquid Soap Dispenser

350ml lockable Double Dispenser - White

White Classic double soap dispenser
wall mounted double soap dispenser are the ultimate products to unclutter your shower and eliminate unsightly bottles and caps.
Imagine the convenience of having your favorite soap, shampoo or conditioner at the push of a button…and getting exactly the quantity you need.
We even include waterproof labels to identify each chamber easily!
No more fumbling to find the right bottle and then spilling and pouring dollars down the drain.
Also works great in the bathroom.
Replace that messy soap dish with one of designs.

1. Refillable & Non-Refillable options available.
2. Lockable for safety
3. Pump approved 100,000 times cycle run
4. SGS approved BPA free cartridges
5. Efficient Refill / Replace System.
6. Wall mount to declutter various amenity bottles
7. Easy install and wall install kit included.

100,000 Pump Cycle & SGS Approved BPA Free

Homepluz Shower Dispenser Product Spec
Material: Plastic ABS + PP Bottle for liquid soap
Color Options: White, Chrome
Capacity: 350ml (11.8oz) x 2 Bottle
Each Dispense: 0.7 ml
Item Size: H 270 x W 155 x D 85 mm
Country of Origin: Taiwan

**Please check stock availability before order

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