Vitally Door Rod Spare Parts


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SKU: Vitally Rod Only

Weight(grams): 500

Dimension: 150 cm (Length) x 5 cm (Width) x 5 cm (Height)

Vitally Bi-Fold Door Replacement Lock Strap

The total length of the strap is 218cm

Please let us know after you placed order
Top to Lock-75cm ,Bottom to Lock-143cm
Top to Lock-80cm ,Bottom to Lock-138cm
Top to Lock-85cm ,Bottom to Lock-133cm
Top to Lock-90cm ,Bottom to Lock-128cm
Top to Lock-95cm ,Bottom to Lock-123cm

FYI, Shopee logistic only allowed
Maximum Side: The maximum measurement of either side of the parcel dimension.
Eg: The Length of the parcel should not exceed 150cm

We will cut according to your size before ship out.

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